These are the basenjis/contributors, handpicked to fit Faraoland's breeding program, whom are not bred, owned or
imported by me. We thank all for the cooperation, to the combinations they have contributed to and for the following
generations they made possible. Welcome to visit their own pages through the links below and to read more under
earlier litters.

Ch Azania's Ilario
Alibaba Ti-N Abou Teka
Ch Jamila's Jamadari
Ch Sternhimmels Munter Mathias
Ch Bokoto Nile Star Voyager
Ch Sternhimmels Nomen Est Omen
Ring Master Out Of Africa
Ch Wazazi Grand Crusader
Shadows On The Grass Out Of Africa
Ch Mutabaruga's Desmond Dekker
Twinbellow's African Peach
Ch Jasiri-Sukari Juri Maguire
Dakarai Piece Of Cake
Ch Jo Coyote's Ox-Eye Daisy
Ch Zahleka Emile Emilion