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Born: 07-12-2004
Owner: Helena Strömbert


Loka is the little sister of the Faraoland team. Loka is still very busy learning foremost from Lucia but also from Viking. She is a happy and funny little las. Loka is mighty sweet and obedient. The best she knows is to be as close as possible to you. She is like all dogs of low rank rather jealous of everything and everybody. She fills a great deal of her spare time to plan for her own favours. Very often quite fruitless attempt and because of that Loka's motto in life is: it will do to try or if it goes it goes.

Unfortunately she has inherited her grandmother Mingeli's agile skill, or the lack of it. Loka is the basenji who always stumble, tumble down from chairs, the one you by mistake tramble at, the one who always get her lead entangled or the one who always get pee on her head when entangled in under Viking's belly. Just to find out what intresting grass straw he is going to urinate on this time.

Loka is a result of breeding for sentimental reasons . She has many of my angle dogs like Mingeli, Tingeling, Jaffa, Vojne and Stuff in her pedigree. Through Loka they are still living for me and because of is, this super elegant basenji Loka is so special to me.

Eyes: normal (2010)
Hips: exellent
Fanconi-test: probably clear


"Christmas-litter" born 2011 at Faraoland
Father: Ch Zahleka Emile Emilion
Faraoland Christmas Cracker R/W
Faraoland Christmas Gingerbread R/W
Faraoland Christmas Syllabub R/W
Faraoland Yuletide Snowfall R/W
Faraoland Christmas Plumpudding R/W

Royal Wedding-litter born 2010 at Faraoland
Father: Ch Dakarai Piece of Cake
Faraoland Royal Wedding Cake BRI

"Favourite-litter" born 2006 at Faraoland
Father: Ch Faraoland Xcellent Example
Faraoland James Herriot CAC and CACIB winner R/W
Faraoland Bertie Wooster R/W
Ch Faraoland Beatrix Potter R/W
Faraoland Shirley Valentine CAC winner R/W