INT ES SE DK Ch Main Attraction Out of Africa

Född/born: 1996-12-15 (deceased)
Ägare/owner: Inga-Lisa Johansson, Mjölby
Uppfödare/breeder, Christian Jouanchicot, kennel Out of Africa, Frankrike/France

Ch Candu's Rocket Man Ch Akuaba's Tornado Ch Changa's Gala Celebration
Ch Young-Kwanza Over The Rainbow
Ch Fallohide Candu's Blacque Legacy Ch Akuaba Bedeviled
Ch Candu's Kahlua
Ch Jungle Bell Out Of Africa Ch Akuaba N Terrarust Opening Act Ch Akuaba N Terrarust On Stage
Ch Akuaba Candu Incognito E-Z
Ch Hi-Hi Booh Out Of Africa Ch Serengeti Cool Jazz of Woz
Ch Akuaba Dances to Terrarust

Avkommor/offspring hos/at Faraoland

Kull/litter "P-kullen" född/born 2000
Pappa/father: Ch Imagen Out of Africa
Faraoland Nile Wild Pepi Certvinnare/CAC-winner R/V
Faraoland Nile Wild Pilgrim R/V
Faraoland Nile Wild Ptah R/V
Faraoland Nile Wild Pyramid R/V
Faraoland Nile Wild Pretoria R/V
Faraoland Nile Wild Pylon R/V